Digestate Lagoon

Butek Landline supply safe and reliable solutions for farmers who are building or upgrading their storage requirement for slurry and organic manure.

Since 2018 all farms must conform to the standards as though they were within Nitrogen Vulnerable Zones (NFZ.) This means that all are required to have 5 – 6 months of storage capacity for slurry, so that it is safely stored whilst it is not possible to spread on the fields.

Butek Landline can provide fully welded liners for   excavated lagoons and concrete or steel tanks. The liners are all fully welded (no tapes or overlaps that can fail and cause a pollution incident.)  Our High-Density Polyethylene geomembranes comply with the Environment Agency’s SSAFO rules. The linings are welded to suit the exact excavation on site, by our direct-employed technicians. They are all fully trained TWI geomembrane welders.

Where ground space or security of the contents is an issue, Butek Landline can also supply lined storage tanks built from rings of corrugated, galvanised steel. Our welded liners are impermeable and meet the anti-corrosion standards set in British Standard 5502-50:1993+A2:2010. They will last for at least 20 years with maintenance. These are also designed to be easily covered with a steel roof kit that has a lockable manway. Covering slurry storage means that the overall volume can be kept to a minimum where allowance does not have to be made for the addition of rainwater.