Our Agricultural Lining division offers impermeable geomembranes for leachate & slurry lagoon lining, storage tanks, reception pits and settlement ponds. Our dedicated specialist teams can provide design, supply and installation services for a number of storage and lining applications common to Agricultural requirements.

UK Government guidelines for the storage of silage and slurry , (updated October 2023) states that slurry lagoons, tanks, reception pits, pipes and channels must be impermeable and meet anti corrosion standards set in BS 5502 (Buildings and structures for agriculture. Code of practice for design, construction and use of storage tanks and reception pits for livestock slurry).

Leachate Lagoon Linings and Floating COvers

Leachate Lagoon Liners & Floating Covers

The company can provide leachate lagoon linings and testing services and can also provide modular thermal barrier floating covers where process reactive temperatures need to be maintained during Winter months. Covers may be designed for retro-fitment with the lagoon remaining in service.

Slurry Lagoon & Storage Tank Liners, Settlement Ponds & Reception Pit Linings

Butek Landline can offer supply and installation services for a range of impermeable linings suitable for use in these applications to provide long lasting, cost effective solutions that are compliant with all current UK legislation. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.