Building regulations require that proper preventative measures be taken to avoid danger to health and safety when building on contaminated land. Our Gas Barrier systems offer a safe solution for the protection of buildings and their occupants constructed in areas where gases are present – such as disused mines, coalfields, industrial and landfill sites.

Landflex Titanflex

0.5mm thickness multi-layer polyethylene gas and hydrocarbon membrane, specially designed and manufactured to perform as a Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Radon, Ground Gas, VOC, air, moisture and Hydrocarbon protection system.

Complies with the latest codes of practice as published by BRE, CIRIA (C748) and BSI (BS 8485:2015). Suitable for use as a ground gas / hydrocarbon protection for NHBC Green, Amber 1, Amber 2 and Red site characterizations. View the full product specification here.

Landflex Gasflow 25 – Specialist Gas Protection Membrane

Geocomposite Venting Layer

Universal application 25mm high flow geocomposite suitable for water or gas, supplied in rolls of 0.9m x 50m.

UV stabilised geotextile layer filter, thermally bonded on one side of a cuspated HDPE core. Suitable for both active and passive venting systems. Main applications are removal of Radon, Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide etc., from below base slabs of offices, industrial and commercial buildings.

Landflex ZR60 – Specialist Gas Protection Membrane

Landflex ZR60 is recommended for use where medium to high concentrations of radon gas occur, or where methane, carbon dioxide and other gases are present. It can also serve as a damp proof membrane in solid concrete floors to protect structures against moisture from the ground.

Manufactured from multi-layer low-density polyethylene (LDPE) with a multi filament polyester (1670 dtex) reinforcing grid between to provide high strength and tear resistance, the membrane also incorporates an aluminum foil core for low gas permeability.

Landflex ZR60 is manufactured to last the lifetime of the construction provided it is correctly installed by trained technicians and not subject to mechanical damage by other building operations. The material has high puncture resistance and will not be damaged by normal footfall or site traffic on smooth or blinded surfaces.

Our Landflex ZR60 membrane is certified by the British Board of Agrément under certificate number 18/5588