Landflex Elvaloy 90 is textured, strong, flexible and long-lasting, suitable for use as a high quality Damp Proof Course (DPC) offering full hydrocarbon protection. These properties make it ideal for use in housing, retail and commercial building projects on Brownfield sites. Its textured surface enhances its bond strength and pull out values when used with mortar joints or concrete overlay. Landflex Elvaloy 90 is supplied in flat wound rolls, prefabricated sheets or preformed trays. Landflex Elvaloy 90 has been approved as a hydrocarbon membrane protection solution for house builders, and is resistant to oils and fuels making it suitable for use in secondary containment applications.

Standard roll dimensions:

1.88m wide x 200m

Example applications:

Damp Proof Course and Hydrocarbon Protection

Contaminated Land Covers

Petrochemical Containment Lagoons

Secondary / Spill Containment

Elvaloy90 Texture shot_Geomembrane Supply